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N.Z. Cramer & Son, Inc employs experienced customer service people who can help you with your project for your home.  We offer a wide range of services to our customers.



  • Custom millwork, moulding, doors, windows
    "special orders welcomed"

  • Major credit cards accepted

  • In-house accounts

  • Contractor referral

  • Delivery to your door step

  • Trained inside sales staff

  • Material takeoff and estimation

  • Wide selection of name brand building materials

  • Lumber and plywood cut to size

  • Key cutting

  • Rope & chain cut to length

  • Rekeying locksets

  • Saw and tool sharpening

  • Glass and plexi-glass cut to size

  • Paint and stain mixing


  • House charge accounts

  • Outside sales rep will come to you

  • Dedicated inside sales staff

  • Delivery to your job site

  • Blueprint takeoff

  • Engineered wood and truss design welcomed

  • Large moulding and trim on hand

  • Window and door specialists

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